soup of the day £4.25
(please ask a member of staff for today’s special)  
falafel (V) £4.95
shaped & lightly fried balls of chick peas, parsley, onions, garlic & coriander served with humus  
humus kavurma £5.45
pureed chick peas with tahini, garlic & lemon topped with diced lamb  
muska boregi (V) (G) £5.45
pastry fi lled with feta cheese & parsley  
sigara boregi (V) (G) £4.95
crispy fi lo pastry fi lled with feta cheese & fi nely chopped spinach  
mussels £5.25
mussels cooked with tomato, peppers, onions & garlic in a tomato sauce  
hellim £5.45
grilled cypriot cheese served with tomatoes & cucumbers  
kalamar (G) £5.25
fresh squid prepared & fried in batter  
zucchini fritters (V) (G) £4.65
courgette, feta cheese, onions,  eggs, fl our, carrots, mixed & fried, served with kisir  
liver (G) £5.25
(Gluten free option available) freshly prepared fried lamb or chicken liver, tomato & onions  
garlic mushrooms (V) £4.75
mushrooms cooked in garlic & spices  
mitite kofte (G) £4.95
minced lamb meatballs prepared with fresh herbs  
grilled sucuk £5.25
char-grilled spicy turkish sausage  
mixed hot meze £9.45
falafel, kalamari, turkish sausage, halloumi cheese, sigara borek & muska borek